DJI 4G Cellular Module Dongle (TD-LTE Wireless Data Terminal)

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Support 4G network access for enhanced image transmission, network RTK and other features.


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DJI 4G Cellular Module Dongle (TD-LTE Wireless Data Terminal)
OverviewConnect your DJI device to the 4G network for enhanced video streaming, network RTK and more. This module provides you with high-speed and stable internet services, supports most of the world's 4G frequency bands and gives you one year of enhanced video streaming subscription.
Enhanced video transmission: Based on the original video transmission, work with the 4G network if the original video transmission signal is blocked or disturbed. Users can still control the drone using the 4G network to reduce the danger of disconnection.
  1. This product does not contain a SIM card.
  2. When using enhanced video, be sure to control the drone entirely with the remote control or the 4G signal of the mobile phone. As the enhanced video transmission takes place over 4G networks, there may be delays, so be sure to fly with caution.
  3. As per the activation date, the enhanced video streaming service shall be renewed for one year.
  4. DJI may terminate the Enhanced Video Streaming Service at any time in accordance with local laws and regulations. Termination of Enhanced Imaging service does not affect other cellular module network functions.
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