DJI Cellular Dongle 2

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Empowers DJI equipment to access 4G networks, enabling connectivity services, Enhanced Transmission, and additional features.


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DJI Cellular Dongle 2
OverviewThe next-gen Cellular Dongle 2 features Antenna Switch Diversity (ASDIV) for superior performance, empowering users to tackle complex flight scenarios with ease.
The Cellular Dongle 2 can connect your DJI equipment to 4G networks. It offers stable high-speed connectivity services, allowing you to experience multiple features like Enhanced Transmission.
Enhanced Transmission: Based on the original video transmission, this dongle works in synergy with 4G networks to overcome obstructions or interference. If the original video transmission signal is compromised, you can still rely on 4G connectivity to control your drone, greatly reducing the chance of disconnection. With the purchase of the Cellular Dongle 2, enjoy a complimentary one-year Enhanced Transmission service subscription.
For DJI Mini 4 Pro users, the mounting kit (which includes 4G antennas) must be used in conjunction.
For DJI Air 3 users, you can directly insert the Cellular Dongle 2 into the aircraft body, without the need for an installation kit.
The Cellular Dongle 2 achieves integrated installation with DJI Air 3 for the first time. It can be directly inserted into the aircraft body without the need for an installation kit, granting efficient access to a 4G network. In cases where the original O4 video transmission signal is obstructed or interfered with, you can continue to control your aircraft via the 4G network, significantly reducing the chance of disconnection and effectively enhancing flight safety.
  1. If you choose to use a SIM card, please contact your local mobile network operator to purchase one.
  2. When using Enhanced Transmission, always operate the drone in areas where the 4G signal on your remote controller or smartphone is at or near full strength. Enhanced Transmission relies on a 4G network, which may introduce some lag and stutter. Always fly with caution.
  3. After having an active Enhanced Transmission service for one year, please follow the in-app instructions to subscribe for continued access, if needed.
  4. DJI reserves the right to terminate the Enhanced Transmission service at any time in compliance with local laws and regulations. Termination of this service will not affect other connectivity functions of the Cellular Dongle 2.
  5. Due to privacy regulations and policies, you will need to purchase the correct version of the Enhanced Transmission service that corresponds to your location. There are two versions available—one for the Chinese mainland and one for countries and regions outside of the Chinese mainland.
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