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PGYTECH Three-arm Suction Mount

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  • The mount contains PGYTECH’s quick release pin which easily attaches and detaches your camera.
  • It’s 360° adjustable with a large thumbwheel that is easy to operate.
  • The suction cup is capable of angle adjustment through damping force. It is compact and easy to fold.
  • It is made from aluminum material, which is very durable.


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Three-arm Suction Mount

PGYTECH Three-arm Suction Mount

Increased stability, greater flexibility.

360° Adjustment

PGYTECH Three-arm Suction Mount

The adjustable ball head tilts and rotates 360° to capture every angle. The large thumbwheel is easy to mount.

Stronger Absorption, More Adaptability

PGYTECH Three-arm Suction Mount

It's much more stable and absorbs much better compared to the Suction Cup Mount. It's compatible with action cameras, smart phones, pocket cameras, mirrorless cameras, photography lights and microphones.

PGYTECH Three-arm Suction Mount

Foldable Design Makes It Compact and Portable

PGYTECH Three-arm Suction Mount

Quick Release Pin

PGYTECH Three-arm Suction Mount

The 3-prong mount contains PGYTECH's quick release pin to easily attach and detach.

Aluminum Alloy Material

PGYTECH Three-arm Suction Mount

The ball head connector is made from aluminum, which makes it incredibly strong and virtually indestructible.


PGYTECH Three-arm Suction Mount

First mount one of the suction cups, then adjust the angle of the other two to fix the position.

Installation of PGYTECH PIN

PGYTECH Three-arm Suction Mount

Installation of 1/4'' THREADED BALL HEAD

PGYTECH Three-arm Suction Mount


PGYTECH Three-arm Suction Mount

1. Only use on a smooth, flat, regular surface

Nonsuitable surfaces:

  • Coated surfaces
  • Old tiled surfaces
  • Muddy or algae-covered surfaces
  • Frosted glass surfaces
  • Natural marble surfaces
  • Breathable wallpaper
  • Unpainted wooden surface
  • Other rough or breathable material surfaces

2. When using this product to be used on the exterior of vehicles such as automobiles and motorcycles, this product should only be used on even roads. Please make sure that the product is attached to a smooth and even area, and the vehicle's speed is strictly controlled below 80km/h. If conditions permit, it is recommended to use a safety string attached to the product to avoid accidents or loss. The other side of the string can be tied to a fixed object.

3. Not recommended for surfing, skiing, or other high-impact sports. This product is only suitable for non-impact activities.

Recommended ambient operating temperature range: -10℃-40℃

When not in use,please do not engage the buckle to prevent damage to the performance of the action camera suction cup.

Maximum Load 1.5 kg.

PGYTECH Three-Arm Suction Mount
NamePGYTECH Three-Arm Suction Mount
MaterialAluminum alloy, PA, TPU
Net Weight139 g
Size226 mm x 207 mm x 176 mm
CompatibilityAction cameras, Smartphones, Pocket cameras, Mirrorless cameras