CZI GL60 Plus Gimbal Spotlight for DJI Matrice 350

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  • 4000 lumen output
  • IP55 water and dust resistant
  • Syncs with secondary payload / camera
  • Spotlight Adjustable light intensity 1-100%
  • Follow the gimbal camera (H20/H20T) rotation synchronization
  • Adjustable beam (wide or right) to focus more light energy on a subject / target


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CZI GL60 Plus Gimbal Spotlight for DJI Matrice 350

CZI GL60 Plus Gimbal Spotlight

Easy to install and use, just plug and play, mount to the gimbal port, just like you install the Zenmue H20 Series cameras. Strong and independent, CZI GL60 Plus for DJI Matrice 350 brings you High power up to 120W, super brightness to 13400LM.

Based on DJI Payload SDK, powered by DJI Skyport V2.0

CZI GL60 Plus Gimbal Spotlight

The GL60 Plus DJI Matrice 350 drone spotlight is based on DJI Payload SDK, powered by DJI Skyport V2.0, super brightness up to 13400LM, max lighting area to 1225m², Max power 120W. The aerial illumination effect of drones during night operations has been raised to a whole new level. The overall design is ultra-lightweight, only 750g, the DJI M300 spotlight is widely used for night patrols, surveillance, power line inspection, search and rescue, and other night operations.

Technical specifications for CZI GL60 Plus Gimbal Spotlight for DJI Matrice 350
ModelGL60 Plus
Electrical interfaceDJI SkyPort V2.0
Dimensions126 x 131 x 167mm
Supply voltage
  • PSDK 17V + OSDK 24V
  • PSDK 17V
Total power
  • 128W
  • 68W
LED power
  • 120W
  • 60W
Luminous efficacy
  • 111.67lm/W
  • 133.33lm/W
Spot diameter
  • 13.2m (distance: 50m,120W)
  • 26.4m (distance: 100m,120W)
  • 39.5m (distance: 50m, 120W)
  • 13.2m (distance: 50m, 60W)
  • 26.4m (distance: 100m, 60W)
  • 39.5m (distance: 150m, 60W)
Illumination area
  • 136m² (distance: 50m, 120W)
  • 544m² (distance: 100m, 120W)
  • 1225m² (distance: 150m, 120W)
  • 136m² (distance: 50m, 60W)
  • 544m² (distance: 100m, 60W)
  • 1225m² (distance: 150m, 60W)
Central illuminance
  • 85Lux (Power: 120W, distance: 50m)
  • 23Lux (Power: 120W, distance: 100m)
  • 11Lux (Power: 120W, distance: 150m)
  • 45Lux (Power: 60W, distance: 50m)
  • 12Lux (Power: 60W, distance: 100m)
  • 6Lux (Power: 60W, distance: 150m)
Function mode
  • Normally on: 120W, 60W
  • Sharp flash: 120W, 60W
  • Adjusting the gimbal angle
  • Adjusting brightness
Range of rotation of the gimbal
  • Pitch: -99° ~ 23°
  • Horizontal: ±99°
Design range of the gimbal
  • Pitch: - 100° ~ 24°
  • Horizontal: ±100°
  • Rolling: - 90° ~ 60°
Operating temperature-20°C ~ 50°C