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We can build you a custom drone the way you like it!

Copters.EU offers and assembles custom drone configurations!

We can build a custom configuration of drone(s) for aerial photography and/or cinematography on request. If you aren't sure what type of multicopter and how powerful need to be, what type of camera gimbal, FPV systems and transmitters/receivers your will need for your project - contact us and we will create new one or modify your current drone system that will meet your requirements and needs. We will help you to build your own drone configuration or we can build it for you and offers to you assembled and tested professionally.
Call to our office, send us an email or use our contact form and we will send you a variety of offers that match your requirements. When you approve the offer, we will assemble your new multicopter flying platform to be exactly what you wanted!

In your request fill-in the following:

  1. What your purpose (photo/video)?
  2. Describe your equipment (camera brand and model)
  3. What weight will be your equipment?
  4. Will you use a FPV monitor or similar type live video streaming equipment?
  5. For how long you'll expect to take the flight (in minutes)?
  6. How far (the distance) you'll expect the drone to go